Who may attend meetings:

In accordance with the First, Third, and Fifth Traditions, all meetings at the Van Alstyne Group, or any meeting listed with the Dallas Intergroup Association, will be open to any AA member, male or female (see below Women's and Men's meetings.*)

"All members of Alcoholics Anonymous are welcome at any meetings listed on the Dallas Intergroup website.  Area groups follow the Third Tradition, therefore regardless of the meeting format (Men’s, Women’s, Young People, Seniors, etc.) all members are welcome.   Any member blocked from a meeting listed on this website should report the incident to Janis R.,  the Executive Director via the Contact Page."

   - excerpt from the Dallas Intergroup Association's MEETINGS page.



12 & 12


Steps 10, 11 & 12 meeting
Twelve Steps / Twelve Traditions Study
Call-Up / Speaker (90-minute)
Big Book Study
Big Book and 12x12
Birthday Celebration
Concepts Study
Call Up
Daily Reflections
Family Afterward
Language of the Heart
AA Literature Study
Living Sober Study
*Men's Meeting (All AA members, male or female, may attend)
Secular (Agnostic)
Speaker and then participation
Spanish Language
Speaker meeting
Step Speaker
Study of the Twelve Steps
Twelve Traditions Study
Traditions Speaker
*Women's Meeting (All AA members, male or female, may attend)
Young People

Tradition 4

Each group should be autonomous except in matters effecting other groups or A. A. as a whole.

Tradition 4 (long form)

With respect to its own affairs, each A.A. group should be responsible to no other authority than its own conscience. But when its plans concern the welfare of neighboring groups also, those groups ought to be consulted. And no group, regional committee, or individual should ever take any action that might greatly affect A.A. as a whole without conferring with the Trustees of the General Service Board. On such issues our common welfare is paramount.

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