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Van Alstyne Sunbeam Group of AA
Van Alstyne, Texas

New Meetings!

Monday Men's Meeting

at 6pm


Saturday Discussion

at 10 am

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We've Moved!

to a location with a more conducive climate control system.

521 Rigsby

Van Alstyne, TX

Same meeting schedule.

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Women's Meeting  -  6 pm Thursdays

Though this meeting is intended for women to discuss AA topics with other women, in accordance with AA's First, Third, and Fifth Traditions, the meeting is open to any AA member, male or female (see below).*


Birthday Night!  -  6 pm Last Sunday of month

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Caution: This is the ONLY official website for the Van Alstyne AA Group. Bot crawlers, web robots, and unscrupulous individuals and some treatment centers like to list Van Alstyne Group as one of their creations or partners. Nothing could be further from the truth. The Van Alstyne Group is completely autonomous. Most of those websites will have the meeting schedule wrong, display ads pertaining to for-profit treatment centers, drug therapy for alcoholics, non-twelve step methods with their brand name attached, etc., etc. This group has nothing to do with any of those individuals or entities.

However, we do list our meetings with the Dallas Intergroup Association. The DIA does a fantastic job of supporting the individual AA groups in the greater Dallas area. Much thanks to the employees and volunteers of the DIA.


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Disclaimers and E. U. L. A.

* The above meetings are listed with the Dallas Intergroup Association

"All members of Alcoholics Anonymous are welcome at any meetings listed on the Dallas Intergroup website.  Area groups follow the Third Tradition, therefore regardless of the meeting format (Men’s, Women’s, Young People, Seniors, etc.) all members are welcome.   Any member blocked from a meeting listed on this website should report the incident to:

Janis R.,  the Executive Director via the Contact Page."

- excerpt from the Dallas Intergroup Association's MEETINGS page.


Careful! This site contains copyrighted material. We have obtained permission for any reproductions of copyrighted material that we know of.    If you want to reproduce or copy material from this website that belongs to the "Grapevine" or the "Alcoholics Anonymous World Service Organization (WSO)", then please visit their web sites, read the rules and then ask for permission from those entities. The Grapevine and WSO have very good reasons to be picky about how the material they are in charge of is used. If there is any material here that belongs to someone and they feel we have not given proper credit or they do not want us to use it, then, just e-mail us at We will be happy to fulfill their wishes within reason. Now, as far as original material that belongs to this web site (very little), go ahead and refer to rule #62. In other words, we could care less.  The whole idea of this web site is to let other alcoholics know we have meetings in the big metropolis of Van Alstyne, Texas. Ya'll come by and visit! Ya' hear?''

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