Were You Ordered To Attend A. A. Meetings?

Alcoholics Anonymous is not part of the judicial system. We do not work with the courts or the police department. We do not ask the courts to send people to us. When people do show up with court papers, we are not responsible for making sure the people are sober. In-fact, It is up to the individual groups to decide whether or not papers will be signed. Thus far, individuals in the Van Alstyne Group have voluntarily signed papers for court ordered attendees.

A judge, court, school, or employer may have sent you to AA meetings. If so, it is probably because they believe there is evidence that you have a drinking problem. We had nothing to do with their decision. AA has no opinion as to whether you have a drinking problem or not.

If, however, you want to stop drinking, AA has a solution.

For more detailed information, please see the Dallas Intergroup Association website page titled

"Ordered to Attend AA"

Paraphrased from the Dallas Intergroup website page entitled "Ordered to Attend AA."

More Information? meetings@vanalstyneaa.org